What Impact can managing your Finances correctly make on how you live your Life?

According to statistics, only 6% of people achieve Financial Independence!!!

What does this actually mean? How does it affect my life? And why such a low number?

Financial Independence is defined simply as follows:

Where your Investments generate sufficient income to cover your current and increasing costs of living (as a result of inflation).​

Monthly income from Investments


Monthly Lifestyle (Living expenses).

So this is all very logical and makes absolute sense doesn't it. This is after all, what retirement requires of us.

So, to achieve this, what should I be focusing on?

Most of us have some sort of investments and life cover etc in place. The problem however is, all of this invariably doesn't necessarily all make much sense and how each part works towards the ultimate goal or goals is not always clear at all.​ In fact, if we are honest with ourselves, it can actually feel like a real mess.

Firstly, know that if this is your situation or how you feel, you are definitely not alone.

So, why is this so often the case?

Investing and managing ones finances involves a lot of strange new words and requires a number of decisions​ you probably have never had to make before. Also, when something is unfamiliar to you, you are reluctant to make the required decisions as you don't want to put your hard earned savings at risk.

​This feeling is very normal in fact so normal that most people feel so scared they avoid making any investments at all.

But, here is a thing​... Investing doesn't have to be scary or complicated or difficult. In fact, it can actually be pretty simple if you know what is important and what is not, what decisions matter and which don't, what to focus on and what not.

What is important is that you have a clear and comprehensive Plan with a defined focus ​and strategy based on your goals throughout your life.

Let's look at this logically. Take all the successful companies in the world. What do they do before they start each and every new financial year? They set a clear strategic plan for the year ahead and incorporate that into their longer term goal and planning which they know will ensure their success.

Why should OUR planning be any different?

In order to be successful, we first need to plan!!

Once we know where we are headed and how and what we need to do to achieve our goals, we can implement strategies and investments etc that ensure we reach these goals. Quite simple actually!!

Why we so often fail is 2 fold : -

  • 90% of us do NOT even have a real and Implementable PLAN. We have these Dreamy ideas of what we would like but somehow we don't seem to believe that we will be able to achieve them and hence we just seem to drift through life hoping for the best.
  • IF, and that is a BIG "IF", we do actually have some sort of "PLAN", we often haven't been a big enough part of building this PLAN to have really and truly bought into it with the real PASSION that is required for us to stick with it like our lives depend on it. 

Am I right on these 2 points above or am I being a bit harsh. You can answer that one for yourself but make sure you are also being absolutely honest with yourself.

Our plan for our and our family's life is NOT something we are sold, it is something we are passionate about and that we actively plan together and work towards as a couple/team/family to achieve. It is something that we are accountable to each other for and something that we build and work towards together. Does this all make sense?

So what does this all mean?

It may be easier to ignore stuff and stick ones head in the sand, but ultimately, the consequences will have to be addressed. The best thing, as much as it may not be something you enjoy, is to take the "bull by the horns" and Plan for Financial Success as early as possible. The more you build these responsible financial "rituals" into your daily living, the easier it is to achieve your goals. And trust me, you will save yourself a HUGE amount of anguish and discomfort later in your life as a result.

Why am I talking about this? Well, having been in the financial planning industry for nearly 20 years, I have the privileged of working with many wonderful people and families and helping them plan correctly so that they are able to live their Dreams. This may sound over romantic as not everyone is able to achieve exactly what they would like to. BUT, we are able to work through their situations and implement something that would give them at least, a level of comfort and peace of mind where they now know where they are currently and where they are headed into the future. They now have a solution that they are comfortable with or at least the ability to take and make sensible decisions.

That said, how can you Ensure YOUR Financial Success?

Here is my challenge to you...

STEP 1: I want you to be absolutely honest with yourself and answer a few questions. we have built a short Quiz which aims to be a guide to help people know if they are Financially on track or if they need some help and guidance.

The Quiz uses the fundamental basics of good Personal Financial Management to ascertain how you are doing Financially.

If your "score" is anything less than "Your Financial Situation is Awesome", I want you to take action and get yourself a proper Financial Plan structured and implemented for the benefit of yourself, your spouse and for your family... Do we have a deal??

The reason I do this is, I know for a fact that, depending on where you are today, planning properly financially can double or triple and more, the amount of money you ultimately end up with at your retirement date.​

And, besides the money side of things, you will know exactly where you are headed, what you need to do and be able to make informed decisions for your future. Ultimately you will have so much more control over your life and Peace of Mind.​

Your turn to take action. No pressure, just the opportunity to make a HUGE difference in your and your family's life. It's up to you.​

Please make sure that you download the FREE  Financial Wellness Guide at the end of the Quiz.

STEP 2: Following on from the above, some "No pressure" FREE initial guidance. We also have a few useful little video tutorials which we would like to share with you. The idea here is to give you some initial ideas on how to look at your Financial affairs and how to take the initial steps to ensure that you get the right strategy in place so that you can and do achieve your and your family's goals. 

Please know that there is absolutely no obligation on you what so ever should you watch these videos. The idea here is purely to give you some help. That is it. Something we would like to do for you as we know that it can be hard to get the right kind of guidance.​

The alternative to NOT taking action and ensuring that you have a plan that works for you is invariably an uncomfortable and uncertain future with little or no focus and direction. I sincerely do NOT want you to be in this position.

Please don't get me wrong, this is certainly not meant as a threat but rather a sincere offer to help and to assist in making a positive and meaningful difference in your life. 

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About the Author Dave

I am a self-confessed financial planning fanatic. When I am not building new courses for my clients or guiding clients through how best to Plan Financially for their lives I enjoy spending time with my kids on the beach or on our boat. Travelling and spending time with people, to understand better what makes and constitutes success and reveals life's purpose to us all, fascinates me.

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