It is always important to know the people you are working with.

Here is a little bit about us:


We are a team of 4 independent financial specialists who work together to provide best advice for our clients. You can think of us like a team of 4 specialist doctors who work together but focus on different areas of medicine . We just feel that we can serve you best working this way as you will receive the best up to date and Independent advice at all times.

The diagram below illustrates our teams specialist areas of focus.​

Best Advice..

We believe that it is important that our clients get the best and most up to date and relevant knowledge and service from us. We would not like to compromise at any stage of the planning we do. We therefore believe in working with a team of specialists in each field who do nothing but service clients in their specific area of expertise. In this way we know that you get the best of all worlds while getting a comprehensive overall service.

Future Wealth Capital is the lead service provider in the team (the projects manager for ease of explanation). We will meet with you first to assess your overall requirements.

A holistic assessment of your requirements will be done at this stage and a strategy will be put in place to address your specific planning needs.

Once the initial assessment has been done, the various other specialist teams will be brought in in order to fulfill the comprehensive planning that we offer our clients. Each individual clients needs will be different and are addressed accordingly.

Future Wealth Capital:

Dave Donnelly

Founder / Financial Planner

I have been in the Financial Planning business for the last 17 or so years. I started off my career in the Building and Property Development business and after 9 years decided I would like to make a change.

I started my Financial Planning career with a well known Private Client services company where I gained invaluable experience in various aspects of Financial planning, including, Portfolio planning and management, Risk planning, Estate planning, Personal tax planning as well as many other aspects of personal financial planning which are essential to comprehensive personal financial planning for individuals. I now utilize this experience in helping and guiding my current clients plan and enjoy their lives.

Future Wealth Capital encompasses the experience and efficiency which I have taken from working within a corporate and now in the Independent Advice space to ensure that our clients get the best offering and service to fulfill their needs and achieve their Goals and Dreams.

For me, there is nothing more rewarding or that makes me feel more happy and fulfilled than being able to help others achieve their dreams in life.

Lifestyle Financial Planning after all is really about helping people enjoy and live their lives to the fullest.

Support to the Financial Planning team are as follows:

Estate Planning and Structuring

iProtect - headed up by Jose Delgado

Estates and Testamentary Services - Headed up by Denise Williams.

Health Planning

Joanne at Smith & Bormann

Asset Risk Planning

HW Brokers - Craig Simpson