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Our Financial Planning Process and how we work together:

What exactly is Financial Planning?

Firstly, a DEFINITION of "Financial Plan" from Investopedia : A comprehensive evaluation of an investor’s current and future financial state by using currently known variables to predict future cash flows, asset values and withdrawal plans.

And, to Define "Financial Planning", ​from : The devising of a program for the allocation and management of finances and capital through budgeting, investment, etc.

This is the traditional way of looking at planning. We see it a little differently...

We see Financial Planning as MUCH more Dynamic and Flexible .

Traditional ways of financial planning focus solely on your money and how to grow it. We believe from speaking to and walking the planning journey with our clients over the last 20 or so years, that financial planning is MUCH more than just about their money.

We call it "Lifestyle Financial Planning".

Financial Planning is actually about how you live and enjoy your life.

It's about your Lifestyle. It's about understanding first, what you and your family need and the goals and dreams you have. It is fore-mostly about how you see yourself living your life. Your money is then planned and managed based on these lifestyle requirements.

So, how do we work together...

Step 1: We get to know YOU.

This is a get to know each other meeting where we can assess whether we can help you and you can let us know if we are the right people who you would like to work with, based on our initial discussions. There is no fee to this meeting. At this meeting we will assess how we are going to move forward from a process as well as fee basis.

Step 2: We learn more about You, Your family, your Lifestyle and your Finances.

This could form part of the first meeting if all parties agree to move forward with the planning process. We have quite a bit of information that we will need from you in order to fully and comprehensively build a financial plan that best suites you and your families needs and purpose going forward.

We do not believe in half jobs of just selling products and will not give any advice without having done a full financial analysis. We find that so many of the people we meet are clueless as to where they stand financially or where they are headed. When they are introduced to proper holistic financial planning, suddenly everything falls into place and the road ahead becomes clear and understandable.

Step 3: We Crunch the Numbers.

This process happens behind the scenes. We will gather all of the information that was outstanding at our meeting and incorporate this as well as any other information we feel is appropriate, into our planning system. This will enable us to comprehensively understand your financial situation and develop a first draft Lifestyle Financial Plan and strategy for discussion at our next meeting.

Step 4: We Develop, test and present our Best Financial planning outcome recommendations.

At this meeting we will present to you our draft planning and suggestions going forward. I have specifically mentioned that this will be a Draft plan as we find that it is so important that we properly understand our clients and would like your complete and full buy in and agreement on how we move forward. A plan that doesn’t resonate with you and your families situation and requirements or seems unrealistic, is not going to help you or us in achieving your goals.

This planning is for you so it is vitally important that you are fully involved and have your full say in how it is put together. We do not believe in moving forward in the process until you are fully on board and understand what is involved from all sides. Your input and commitment is vital in determining the success of this process.

Step 5: We help you with Implementation.

This is where the "Rubber hits the Road"

A plan with no action or implementation is not worth the paper it is written on. We will prepare all of the required paperwork for you and ensure that all of the agreed action steps are correctly implemented and that any ongoing transactions or followup steps are put in place.

We will also facilitate any meetings or implementation where external professionals have been included in order to implement correct and relevant planning for you.

Step 6: We provide Ongoing Mentoring, Monitoring, Reporting and Recommendations.

Once your initial planning has been done, this plan will serve as the reference to monitor your progress. From time to time, your circumstances may change and the planning will need to be updated. This is part of our service, in fact we will revisit your planning annually in order to ensure you are on track.

We will meet together on a regular basis to discuss your portfolio and make any changes or adjustments where necessary and to give you a full report back on the performance and progress you are making towards your planned goals.

We will also discuss any changes which may be necessary in your portfolio or related planning, based on changing legislation or tax updates that may have been instituted.

Dave Donnelly

Director Future Wealth Capital (Pty) Ltd​

"For us, being appointed as your financial adviser is a privilege as we know that sharing your financial situation is not something your do every day. We are in this with you through the ups as well as the downs (hopefully not too many downs) and are fully committed to the process & Your Success.

Communication and mutual respect are vital and are key principles we live by."

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