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"Building a boat and leaving a hole in the bottom doesn’t achieve the purpose of the boat".

As much as we would like to think we can separate our lifestyle and our finances, they are intimately intertwined and effect each other in every way. Our finances are often seen as the hindrance to our opportunity for enjoyment. On the other hand, our finances are also the basis and provider for our enjoyment. Having a healthy relationship with both aspects of our lives is vitally important and can make for great opportunities and a feeling of achievement.

We can break the financial aspects of our lives down under 4 broad headings.

    They are as follows:

Personalized Lifestyle Financial Planning.

Personal Risk Planning

Wealth Accumulation

Retirement Planning

It is important to address ALL aspect of your planning the minute you start your first job. 

By doing this you will have a clear framework for decision making going forward. Your Planning should include dynamic planning based on your individualized circumstances and provide you with a specific and personalized savings plan and investment portfolio structure to suite your needs, requirements and goals.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning is very often overlooked when doing ones Financial Planning. 

Estate Planning is important to implement as soon as you reach majority. The impression often is that you only need a Will or to do Estate planning if you have assets. This is not the case. Estate Planning should be implemented to ensure that your estate is handled correctly and in line with your wishes. 

Even more important is to ensure that you have correct and comprehensive Estate Planning in place when you take on Debt or get married or begin to accumulate assets.

Medical Planning

Unfortunately not one of us is immune to illness. As a result, it is vitally important that we provide, within our means, the best possible medical care for ourselves and our loved ones at all times.

Our challenge is to make sure we subscribe to the best type of medical aid and plan for our needs, based on our and our families requirements and specific needs.

With all the choices available this can be a very confusing and difficult choice to make. It is important to get competent and informative guidance in this process.

Asset Risk Planning

Without stating the obvious, it is vitally important to have a plan in place to ensure that you and your family do not experience hardship as a result of the unplanned loss of assets (your home, vehicles, household items and goods, or your business) that you own.

These unplanned situations may also include medical events, personal liability and inconveniences or loss during travel.

Unlike life insurance, short term insurance is taken out only for the period that you have need for it.

​Short term insurance therefore provides us with the opportunity to cover the financial risks to our material possessions and those of our loved ones without paying hefty premiums.

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Personal Financial Planning

Addresses your Income, Expenses, Assets and Liabilities.

Estate Planning

How you own and deal with your assets and Liabilities.

Medical Planning

Looking after your and your families health and well-being.

Asset Risk Planning

Looking after what you own as well as your possible personal liabilities.