Financial Planning is actually about Life...


Life is about making Choices...​

Holistic Lifestyle Financial Planning will give you & Your Family the opportunity to assess your choices and build a Plan to achieve YOUR Goals and Dreams in Life..

Why it's SO Important to PLAN First!!


How will your reach your Goals and be able to live life according to your rules, if you don't know where you are headed. 


You need to know "What" you need to do, the size or extent of what you need to implement and then be able to know how far you have come and finally, how far you still have to go. You need to make use of your resources as effectively and Efficiently as possible.


Why put yourself through anxiety and uncertainty when the majority of this can be eliminated. Be prepared for the unexpected. Be aware of the factors that could influence your life, your family, your assets, career etc. Address these and minimize the uncertainties.


It is one thing to have a Goal, a Plan and lots of great ideas, BUT, without sticking to the Plan, ongoing implementation and then managing your progress to ensure you are staying on course, you will not achieve your required outcomes.

So, why do ONLY 6% of retirees achieve Financial Independence?

Your Family, Your Lifestyle and Your Finances

How and Why we manage your Family's money differently..

Blending and managing your lifestyle and Finances is always a balancing act of Choices.

Conventional Wealth Management is becoming extinct and no longer addresses comprehensive Family Financial Lifestyle Management. 

Focus should not be solely on your Families Finances but rather on what your money can do for You & Your FAMILY.

Our Goal is, through our dynamic process and mentoring, to give you & Your Family, genuine control over your finances, hence enabling you to achieve and live the life you desire.

Over the last two decades, having worked with and mentored many families through their financial journey, we have developed a process which assists and guides our clients through the ups and downs of our ever changing environment.

We refer to this process as:

Lifestyle Financial Management.

This process covers both your wealth building or accumulation years as well as your Retirement years.

Lifestyle Wealth Building
Lifestyle Retirement Management

Your Life is firstly and fore mostly about YOU & Your FAMILY.

Your Life and Lifestyle is the result of the many decisions you make each day.

Lifestyle Financial Management enables you to make better decisions about ALL aspects of your life. As a result, you will be in a position to manage your money in a way that best suit your Families needs and enables you to efficiently and effectively achieve your Families Goals.

By better understanding your Families life, needs and dreams, together with understanding how you relate to money, we develop a Financial Plan and Investment Strategy that directly addresses your Families life and specific personal and family Goals.

What our clients have to say....

John and Gail clients for 8 years

We enjoy the relaxed & friendly way that Dave conducts his financial discussions


We approached Dave some years ago when we both felt the need to get better financial advice. This has turned out to be a very good decision as we now have portfolios that keep pace in an ever-changing unpredictable world.

Dave & his team are extremely responsive, efficient in activating requested changes & offer easily understood explanations for enabling investment decisions. We enjoy the relaxed & friendly way that Dave conducts his financial discussions.

Success in life can mean many different things to each of us.

​"What I have found in my life is that, It is vitally important to find and clearly define what makes you happy as an individual and as a family and then to consciously plan towards those Goals."

How do you see Success for YOU  & Your FAMILY and what would you need to do to achieve this Success?

Where to from here?

The most important question here is...

What are YOUR biggest questions and or concerns and what are YOU & YOUR FAMILY'S needs and requirements?

We would like to really get to know YOU & Your Family better and fully understand what is important to ALL of you.

Through our discussions together we will then carefully develop (with your help) a plan and investment solution that specifically answers and addresses your lifestyle requirements based on your Planned life going forward.

This Plan must be Realistic, and one that you are able to and determined to achieve, based on your financial affordability.

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