Ultimately, "INVESTING" is about creating opportunity to do and achieve the things you have planned for.

"The better you Plan the more likely you are to achieve your Goals."

We believe that every family is special and deserves a chance to achieve their Dreams

If you are someone who is focused and has a real and genuine interest in securing your family's financial position, we would really like to work with you, share our knowledge and give you the guidance you may need to successfully achieve your Goals as a family.​

To make your life easier, we have developed 4 Service Options for you to choose from. The idea is to offer you a service that fits YOUR needs and requirement best:

Our 4 Service Options

This option provides clients with a Full Lifestyle Planning Service. Both face to face as well as online service options are offered.

Planned Investor

Personal Online​ Service

This service is for Individuals who would like to Plan comprehensively for their Financial Lives .

Guided Investor

Personal Online​ Service

This service guides an individual in starting out and investing towards a specific goal.

Self Investor

Online​ Service

This service offers an individual the option to build their own portfolio efficiently online.

Each service offering has a specific Purpose and Focus and allows you to choose what type of help and guidance you prefer and what level of service you feel you require.

Migrating between the various Service options is expected over time and as your Lifestyle and Financial requirements change.

A bit more detail on the Service Options we offer:

Private Client Lifestyle Financial Care:

This service offers you personalised, face to face, Comprehensive Holistic Lifestyle Financial Planning .

What does all that mean?

It means we make it our mission to ensure that you receive ALL the help and guidance that you need in ALL aspects of your Financial Life in order to achieve your goals.

​We will:

  • Help you identify your personal values and objectives that affect planning for your children, aging parents, and other areas of long term family management,
  • Help with structuring wealth accumulation as well as wealth preservation strategies,
  • Help with Succession planning and leaving a family legacy,
  • Help with ensuring that your Personal as well as Asset risks are covered adequately and correctly,
  • Help with ensuring that your Health requirements are correctly structured for your and your Family's specific needs.
  • As well as help with numerous other aspects of your financial well-being that we will discuss during our time together.

We will take you through a Comprehensive process as we have outlined on our page headed "Your Financial Roadmap."​

This is a very personalised service and we put a HUGE value on the relationships that we develop with You.​

If you would like to have an initial chat, we would love to hear from you.

 You are welcome to give us a call on 031-5681983. Alternatively, Please click the button below and we will call you.

Ready to make a Start?

You can give us a Call on: 031-5681983. We look forward to hearing from you.

Alternatively, click the button below and pop us a message and we will call you back shortly.

Personalised Online based Client Care:

In order to offer a wider base of services at an economical cost, we have introduced our web/Telephonic based services offerings as follows:


You are Serious about Planning correctly and investing towards your Future goals.

You will be guided through a simple but comprehensive planning process with our wealth manager, to develop a "Lifestyle and investment Guide".

You will then be assisted in implementing your investments based on your "Lifestyle Guide".​

We will mentor you on an ongoing bases to ensure that you keep on track.​

You get access to our "Client Zone" where you are able to monitor and manage your portfolio with our guidance.


​You are looking to invest towards a specific Goal.

"If you don't consider yourself an investment Guru or would just prefer to have a helping hand when making your investments, this would be a good choice for you".

As the name suggests, by choosing this service option we will guide you through the whole investment process.

We assist & guide you in choosing best Investment for your specific need and requirement.​

You get access to our "Client Zone" where you will be able to monitor your portfolio and get further help if and when you need it.


You are a DIY type person. 

This service option gives you the ability to set up and manage your own portfolio yourself BUT, still have some guidance when you need it.

Before embarking on this route, we suggest you take a look at our Planning courses before you invest as these cover all you will need to know to invest successfully.

You get access to our "Client Zone" where you can learn more about Planning and Investing and manage your portfolio.