Corporate Personal Financial Education & Coaching

Here is an opportunity to give back to those who make your business great.

Corporate Personal Financial Education is all about helping and giving back to those who drive and build your business.

​What we offer businesses is an opportunity to add value to the individual lives of each employee by offering them, during office hours, personal education and coaching on how they can better understand and manage their financial lives to ensure they reach their own goals and dreams in life.

As you have probably read, statistics show that only +-6% of people actually retire Financial Independent. This is a very sad situation. This not to mention too, the stress and anxiety leading to bad health and days off from work, which can be avoided if addressed correctly and if employees are better financially in control of their lives.

What creates this challenge can generally be addressed with just a few basic and fundamental “rules to live by”.

Unfortunately, most of us weren’t taught at school or during our tertiary education, how to build, structure and manage our wealth. Our focus is certainly on earning well, but saving and building a portfolio is generally not top of mind. As a result we have never managed our cash very well. We live beyond our means and ultimately we end up in a position where we cannot retire or certainly cannot retire in the fashion we would like to or had planned to.

For the younger generation, planning seems irrelevant when ones work life has many years ahead. The sad part is that, planning and knowing what one needs to achieve from a financial perspective, is best addressed right when you start your first job. If one is able to instill all the good habits at that point and know what needs to be done to achieve all ones financial goals along the way, success is a no brainer.

From experience, it appears that we only seem to start really taking an interest in our retirement and ability to retire financial independent around the age of 50 or even later. This is unfortunately generally just too late in most cases.

The crazy part about all this is that there is a lot of talk and we generally know that we need to address our finances BUT, we never “get around to it” or we have many excuses why we “cannot start NOW”!!!

To a large extent, a BIG reason for these types of response is that, “we just don’t know what to do” and “how to make a start”!!

Hence the great opportunity and benefit of bringing this solution to your employees via these convenient, on site, during office hours, educational sessions.

Why should your company implement these courses?

Here are just a few of the benefits that you will see as a result of implementing these courses:

  • Huge personal benefit to your employees giving them a much better understanding of how to address their own finances and clarity to make a structured start to building their own financial security.
  • Ultimately, your employees will be in a far better state of mind and not be worrying about their financial situations. This will result in happier more relaxed employees and lower absenteeism.
  • Employees work productivity and job satisfaction should increase as a result of happier and free state of mind. This is a benefit both to the employee as well as to the business.
  • This kind of employee program and implementation in a business will definitely result in preferable employer status with employees. Job satisfaction will rise and overall benefits to all parties will be experienced.

Does this sounds like something you would like to implement in your business?

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