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My Financial Success - 101

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About this course

 This course specifically named “My Financial Success – 101” as it addresses the fundamentals to planning your life to achieve a happy and successful financial lifestyle. This is the ideal course for anyone who is looking to start learning about how to better understand their own Personal Financial matters and to put a strategy in place to get them on the road to Financial Success.

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Course Structure

Member - My Financial Success - 101
Member - My Financial Success - 101

Goals and Fundamentals

In this tutorial we explore the fundamental reasons you have for doing this course and how important it is to have a clearly defined purpose and Goals in your life.

We then also look at some of the fundamental definitions and principles that we will refer back to regularly during the course.

The Changing Environment

In this tutorial we will look at the factors that could affect us and will influence how we plan:

  1. Living Longer
  2. Health Costs
  3. Tax and other legislative changes.
Member - My Financial Success - 101

Lifestyle and Budgeting - Part 1

In this tutorial start off by looking at a simple overview of what your finances look like and your flow of cash on a month to month basis.

It is vitally important to have a good grasp of what you earn and where the money is allocated each month. Without knowing this you are completely in the dark. This tutorial will help you to get a good grasp of what income you earn as a family and how it is allocated.