Financial Planning

My Financial Success - 101

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About this course

About the Course:

The course consists of +-22 videos with associated downloadable booklets which will be available during the appropriate lessons. We urge you to always participate fully whenever "homework" is included in lessons as this will help fundamentally in building your knowledge and understanding of what you are out to achieve by doing this course.

The whole idea here is that you will, after having completed this course:

  • Have a vastly improved knowledge of finances and Investing generally
  • Have a far better understanding of your own finances
  • Will have built a financial plan that is specific to you and your families circumstances
  • Will have a plan that ensures your Financial Independence (provided that you stick to and update your plan and investments on an ongoing basis as we suggest)
  • And finally, you will now be able to invest with confidence and manage your finances in a structured and responsible manner into the future.

Course navigation:

We believe that the navigation through the course is reasonably self explanatory but if not, on the upper right side of this web page, is the "Course Progress Bar" and   "Course navigation" field.

  • To see the course topics under each lesson section, click on the arrows on the left of the lesson section and the topics will show as well.
  • If the  "arrow"  or  "dot"  to the left of the lesson or topic are  Green , this shows that you have completed that Lesson or Topic so you will always know where you are as you progress through the course.
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  • If you try and jump forward in the lessons without having watched and clicked the  "Mark Complete"  button below the video, you will be asked to go back and complete the previous lesson before being able to proceed.

If you have any questions while doing the course, you are welcome to give us a shout.

We wish you all the best and trust you will enjoy the learning experience.

Course Structure

Member - My Financial Success - 101
Member - My Financial Success - 101

Goals and Fundamentals

In this tutorial we explore the fundamental reasons you have for doing this course and how important it is to have a clearly defined purpose and Goals in your life.

We then also look at some of the fundamental definitions and principles that we will refer back to regularly during the course.

The Changing Environment

In this tutorial we will look at the factors that could affect us and will influence how we plan:

  1. Living Longer
  2. Health Costs
  3. Tax and other legislative changes.
Member - My Financial Success - 101

Lifestyle and Budgeting - Part 1

In this tutorial start off by looking at a simple overview of what your finances look like and your flow of cash on a month to month basis.

It is vitally important to have a good grasp of what you earn and where the money is allocated each month. Without knowing this you are completely in the dark. This tutorial will help you to get a good grasp of what income you earn as a family and how it is allocated.